Alec S.
Very clean shop, well organized, lots of interesting merchandise. The owner is extremely personable and takes his time to talk to everyone that walks in the door. Will definitely be going back to check out his stuff again in the future!
JP Kiss
Incredible comic and collectible store. The owner has a true passion for the product and helped recommend some great stuff! If you are looking for truly one of a kind collectibles, this is the place! In today's world of Amazon and big box stores, us nerds need to unite and support an awesome local business. Will be coming back often.
Christie Rebecca
What a great place! We just happened in this evening. The owner was so welcoming and informative friendly. The store has so much to offer. My son can’t wait to come back. Thank you!
Rhiley Alexandra
Absolutely adore this place and the store owner! ❤️ I fully expected an average comic shop visit when I went but their offering is unmatched especially the custom comic book holders. This is one of my husband's and my new favorite comic shops in SE Michigan and we plan on returning several times over if not for the comics and collectibles, but for the movie nights and other events 😊
Collin Caid
I finally got a chance to go into the store yesterday and was absolutely blown away with my experience. The owner was just as incredible as his products. He immediately shook our hands and gave us a run down on everything he has in the store. There are things in this store that you will not find anywhere else, period. It was so great that I had to go back there today and actually make a few purchases. Also, the Saturday movie nights are such a good idea and I can’t wait to attend as many as I can. Great products, great ownership, great ideas. Infinite stars. 👍🏻
Sarah Thompson
Words don’t even begin to describe how marvelous this store is, you have to check it out in person. Literally every essential collector’s need can be found at Gotham Night Comics or can be found by the amazing owner. Who has a fantastic energy and a welcoming atmosphere. Glad I found this gem and got to add a statue to my collection. From comics to figures, to pop and to posters, accessories as well. Movie nights on Thursday’s TOO! Saw some autographed one of a kind pieces. As the slogan goes, go check this place out and GET YOUR NERD ON! 🎉
Sarah Ott
What a cool place! The owner is so nice and knowledgeable, he gave us a great tour of the entire store and there is so much to see. You can really see the passion in this business and how hard he is willing to work to get you what you need. There are comics, action figures, funkos, and so much more. Go check this place out!
matt ammons
This place is absolutely incredible. The atmosphere, the selection of comics and collectibles, the friendliness of staff. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone who has even a slight interest in comic books to check this place out. I will look forward to visiting again soon, and getting my nerd on!
Ryan Burk
My visit to the store was fantastic. I didn’t realize I had come in 5 minutes before closing time and as I was about to walk out, the owner welcomed me in enthusiastically and made sure I had time to browse and enjoy my experience. Absolutely will return and supporting this place as I can tell how much the owner cares about the customer and making a unique experience for them. Definitely must visit! Great selection of new and old as well.
Mark Kroeger
Not your average comic store experience. The owner was an incredible host, who went above and beyond to share his passion. Tons of rare and limited merchandise. Couldn’t be more ecstatic that GNC is practically in my backyard!
TheMightyTofu 14
I moved the store, even being open for a short time has an amazing assortment of comics and figures. The Owner was kind and hyper enthusiastic throughout the entire experience. I would recommend to shop here for your nerdy needs. FYI love my Zemo figure.
Dan G.
The owner is a very personable and helpful person. He takes the time to meet everyone who comes in and really cares about what they have interests in. He is very knowledgeable in comics and movies, he will not fail to find something you like. I really appreciated him taking the time to get to know his guests!
Gary Trovoada Williams
If you like Comics, collectable figures, Comcast movies and TV shows this is the place to go! John, the owner, was very friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate. I will definitely be back and look forward to getting the stuff he is going to order for me. Highly recommended!
Kenneth B.
I found this delightful little store by accident collecting my stuff from UPS. It was a very very nice find it is clean has lots of product and the gentleman who runs the shop is a fantastic human being. I'm at his son and we had a great conversation. I highly recommend this comic store for its product and it's people
Stefano Giammarco
Fantastic store with very unique items! Fergel is passionate and so helpful; can’t wait to go back again!